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Truth be told, how we started Victoria Station isn’t all that interesting. But the history behind our 3-generation legacy of grilling fine steaks is another story altogether.

So the task of cooking, cleaning and maintaining the household was handed to the butler. But there’s only so much one man can do. so he started hiring the kitchen help. Now, the kitchen help was very innovative. Not only did they master the art of grilling steas to British perfection, they even improved it. Steaks prepared by the help were more appetising, more flavourful and more aromatic.

  • B.B.Q Station – Yee-ha! Nothing quite delights like the sound off izzling meat on hot grill. Unless, of course, it’s accompanied by our Wild Wild West BBQ sauce..
  • Wild Wild West Station – Since 1989, we’ve been grilling million of steaks from the world’s best ranches to a 3-generation legacy….
  • Seafood Station – Fresh right out of our live tanks, VS lobsters are an epitome of our culinary philoshophy: only the very best ingredients and freshest seafood.
  • Dessert Station – Sinfully delicious and richly decadent, out Double Chocolate Cae will leave more than a sweet taste in your mouth. Much like…

Absolutely loved it. Amazing food and charismatic chef.

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  • Daniel, Mar 17 2020

    Best BBQ-Station

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Victoria Station Restuarant

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