“It started with a rash… why wouldn’t it heal?”

Our search for a lasting remedy moved us away from conventional western medicines to natural treatments; that heal and nourish the skin from the inside out. Providing wholesome healing while incorporating the best of natural and conventional medicinal practices, we aimed to produce a well-balanced and multi-purposeful skin solution using the best natural and organic ingredients, in our product.

Noosh Naturals was born…on the genuine premise; of healing and nourishing one’s skin and adding essence to one’s life.

Combining the finest quality Sea buckthorn ingredients sourced from the remote Himalayas, coupled with a multitude of rich natural ingredients and organic herbs, Noosh Naturals’ works to provide the best skin nourishment and healing for all skin ailments including eczema, rashes, itches, scrapes, wounds, and scars.

Noosh Naturals is the brainchild of Dr. Anusha Nair, who spent countless hours treating patients in her family clinic, over the years. A trained medical practitioner, Dr. Anusha always kept a firm root in the practice of alternative natural care, which she incorporated, in her holistic approach to treatments for her patients.

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  • Caroline, Mar 16 2020

    “I love all their products.”

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