Max Crops Machinery Sdn Bhd was incorporated in year 2017. MCM is actively involved in the research & development and commercialization of specialized agricultural machinery for crops infield evacuation in oil palm plantations. MCM’s expertise are in sales, engineering, development, support and services. We committed to provide an efficient delivery of parts and services as and when required.

  • GAPS – Good Agricultural Products & Services. Searching good machanization products and matter for plantation.
  • To Implement Mechanized Assisted Harvesting (MAC) System in palm oil plantation to evacuation crops.
  • To Improve The Safety and Productivity of Harvesters in the agricultural sector,especially the oil palm industry.
  • To Improve The Efficiency and solving problem faced in evacuation processes.
  • To Reduce Costs of the planters by inventing and Improving EvacuationTime by mechanization.

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  • Daniel, Mar 17 2020

    Experts providing service in a better way

  • Chan, Mar 17 2020

    Best service I have ever feel

  • John, Mar 17 2020

    Best Quality maintenance

  • Adam, Mar 17 2020

    Cheap and best

  • Muller, Mar 17 2020

    Effective agriculture machinery

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