technology support from our Germany business partner – Schneider Steurungstechnik GmbH, EITA-Schneider (Mfg) Sdn Bhd (formally known as EITA-Pacific (Mfg) Sdn Bhd) was established as a subsidiary company to EITA Group with the formation of assembly plant and Research & Development (R&D) Centre that ventured into the elevator and escalator business since 1997 in Malaysia.

EITA-Schneider invested timely delivery into technology development and exchange idea & knowledge with the German engineer has remained our company’s technical personnel independent and competent to carry out programming, repairing and trouble shooting of PCB board by continue brought our customer satisfaction to a higher level.


We pride ourselves in having a committed and competent service team is ever ready to ensure elevators, escalators and travelators are properly maintained and in good working condition to meet our customer expectation.


The nature of EITA’s businesses in the areas of E & E and Elevator directly dictates the strong engineering and technical background of our technical personnel. Also, our synergistic collaborations amongst these subsidiaries as mentioned earlier.

Currently, EITA-Schneider together with the lift domestic marketing subsidiary (EITA Elevator), and EITA R & D has a total staff strength of 186 (bumiputera employee 58%, non-bumiputera employee 42%).

Over 75% of these staff has engineering and technical qualification and/or experience. They consist of Sales Engineers, R & D Engineers, Project Managers, Testers, Service/Maintenance Technicians, Safety & Health Officers, QC Executives, Lift Competent Persons and many more.

We have a Training Policy in placed to ensure our technical personnel are put through a regime of appropriate training courses and On-The-Job training covering Departmental SOPs, Safety & Health compliances and technical competency.


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