APPLE-Nian spells of fun, youthfulness, energetic, love to travel, willing to share, and always ready to serve!

What sets APPLE-Nian apart from the competitors is an attitude of “work hard, play hard”. They are constantly upgrading themselves with training programs in new technology and best practices from HR to individual departments such as ticketing systems, market briefs, customer service training, etc. The sense of fellowship in Apple-nian drives them to work cohesively as a team while performing at their best individually. They build confidence in existing customers and inspire new ones to join them in exploring the world.

The Applenian is a corporate community of multi-nationalities like Malaysians of Chinese, Malay and Indian ethnicity Singaporeans, Japanese and Indonesians.

Apple Vacations, our unique competitive advantage is derived from 22 years as a leader in the ever-changing world of travel. We offer dependability, unwavering commitment to customer service, and better travel and holiday products with a great network of partners and suppliers both locally and around the world.

We pride ourselves with:


  • Our people are certified travel professionals. Every staff undergoes extensive customer service and quality assurance training.


  • Customers are important to us and every inquiry is attended to immediately.


  • Our tour products are quality-assured, with unbeatable value.

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  • Daniel, Mar 17 2020

    More importance to customer satisfaction

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