Delab Scientific Sdn Bhd was established in 1998, a leading supplier of digital and micro-processor based protection relays, power factor controllers, digital power monitoring meters, voltage monitoring relays and Timers.

DP Series

The Next Generation of Current Protection Relay

The New Generation of Protection Devices

They are designed purely for the purpose of protection against current faults such as over current, short circuits, earth faults and earth leakages. Equipped with digital display, important information such as setting and operation parameters, real-time faults, tripping histories and indication of previous tripped elapsed time are easily available for a more precise fault analysis. Multiple firmware algorithms (notably SPARC¹, DCOI² and Fundamental Signal Detection³) have been integrated into these devices which makes them extremely responsive yet precise while maintaining high immunity against EMI and nuisance tripping. DP series of protection relay truly belongs to the next generation that will lead the expectation of future protection devices.

  • TM Series
  • Earth Leakage Relay
  • Earth Fault Relay
  • Combined over Current & Earth Fault Relay
  • Voltage Monitoring Relay
  • Digital Time Switch
  • Power Factor Controller
  • Over Current Relay
  • Zero Phase Current Transformer
  • Advanced Power Network Analyzer
  • Digital MultiMeter

JR Approval:
  • DP-10
  • DP-21/DP-31
  • DP-23/DP-33
  • DP-34
  • TM-18C(Earth Leakage Relay)
  • NV-7/NV-8s/NV-14s(Power Factor Controller)

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