1. How to Login with Bizly?

Click the Business owner Button, create an account using email or Facebook, then create a Username and a Password to Login.

2. How to add my Listing?

On the Homepage, Click the Business owner Button and create an account to add your business to the listing.

3. Can I create a free listing?

Yes, absolutely.  We encourage all our Business users to list their brands and services using the free listing option with Bizly.

4. Does it take time to get approval?

Bizly does not take time to approve your Listing unless in case of website maintenance.

5. Can I add Images of my business?

Yes, you can add images of your business as per the requested size of the image on Bizly

6. Facing an issue with login?

Feel free to contact us. Our technical support team will try to fix the issue.

7. My business doesn’t fit into any of the existing categories. Can you add a new category for my business?

No problem. We would be delighted to add new categories when a business wants to be listed. Email your requested category to [email protected] . We will review every query before adding a new category to the list.

8. Can Bizly assist me in adding my business listing?

Yes, we will happily assist you to add your business listing. Do email us your business details to proceed with the process.

9. Can I list a business that is not mine?

No, you cannot add a business without authentication from the business owner. 

10. How can I remove my directory listing?

Please use our Support Desk so our Tech Team can guide you through the process.

11. How can I clear a query relating to listing?

Email your queries to [email protected]Our support team will take necessary actions to answer your query.

12. Why has my Listing been deleted?

Violating our Terms and Conditions may lead your business listing to be removed from our Directory. Read our Terms and Conditions to avoid removal of business listings.

13. How can I appeal for my Deleted Business Listing?

To appeal to your Deleted Business Listing, mail your business’s name along with your Username to [email protected] Our Support Team will look upon the listing and get back to you with an update.

14. Can I list my business under more than one category?

Yes, you can add more than one category to your Listing.

15. How do I use the On-Line directory?

Find the Advance Search button from any page of the Bizly website to filter out and find more accurate listing .

16. How Can I edit my Directory Listing?

You can edit your directory listing anytime by logging into your account. Click the Edit button to make changes with your Business Listing.

17. Who do I contact for customer support?

Get in touch with our Support team by sending an email to [email protected]

 18. How to use Bizly?

Kindly click the link to know how to use Bizly. (https://www.bizly.my/how-to-use-bizly/)

19. How Bizly helps your Business Listing?

  • Amplify Your Online Presence
  • Improve Your Local Visibility
  • Use Word of Mouth
  • Show Up on Google
  • Boost Your SEO
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Strengthen Your Business Reputation

20. What are the standard requirements for being included in the Bizly Online Business Directory?

Businesses should ideally be located within Malaysia to list their business with Bizly Listing Directory.

“If you have questions or suggestions, please send an email to [email protected]